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Jill V. Welch is Chief Operating Officer and Economist with Elliott D. Pollack and Company. Ms. Welch specializes in preparing economic and fiscal impact models, market feasibility studies and forecasting assignments. Her expertise includes assessing the effective impact of economic development on the financial well being of local, county and state governments. In addition, she produces numerous presentations for a broad spectrum of business executives, enabling them to easily grasp and utilize economic and fiscal trends. Her duties include researching and managing economic conditions for a variety of presentations and consulting assignments and she is proficient with GIS mapping systems. She has proven analytical, planning and organizational skills coupled with the ability to communicate effectively in both the domestic and international market place.
Ms. Welch serves on behalf of Elliott D. Pollack & Company as the research economist for Maricopa County's Office of Management and Budget. In addition, she produced an Economic and Fiscal Impact Model used by the company and created the website www.fiscalimpacts.com. The model is a customized application and calculates the economic and fiscal impact of businesses in specific regions.  Ms. Welch is a past President of the Arizona Economic Round Table.

Prior to joining Elliott D. Pollack & Company, Ms. Welch served as support specialist and economic analyst for First Interstate Bank's six-state Southwest Region, including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. At the bank she planned and systematized linked databases for various international and domestic indicators, which served as a basis for organizing a printing and distribution plan for a monthly publication.

Ms. Welch has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and an International Business Certificate from Arizona State University.