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Recent Client List

Economic & Fiscal Impact Analysis

Arizona Commerce Authority   Economic Impact Model Runs (2011  Current)

Economic & Fiscal Impact of Goodwill Services -Various States (2010   Current)

Economic and Fiscal Impact of the Resolution Copper Company  (2011   Current)

Economic Impact of Arizona s Principal Military Facilities (2017 and 2023)

Banner Scottsdale Medical Center (December 2023)

Jackson Place & Madison Square GPLET, Downtown Phoenix (November 2023)

Optima Wilmette Residential Project Economic & Fiscal Impact Report (2020 and 2023)

Hoodini Solar and Battery Storage Project Economic & Fiscal Impact, Yuma County, Arizona (November 2023)

Draconis Energy Project Economic & Fiscal Impact, Chino Valley, Yavapai County, Arizona (November 2023)

Centerline on Glendale Affordable Multi-Family Community Economic & Fiscal Impact in Glendale, Arizona (November 2023)

Southbridge Retail Marketplace Economic & Fiscal Impact, City of Maricopa, Arizona (August 2023) 

Tempe Multi-Family Community Economic &Fiscal Impact (July 2023)

Milum Multi-Family Community Economic & Fiscal GPLET Analysis in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona (June 2023) 

Impact Analysis of the Pueblo of Laguna(May 2023)

Fountain Hills Tourism Industry Economic & Fiscal Impact  (May 2023) 

Maricopa Energy Center Solar Project Economic& Fiscal Impact in Maricopa County, Arizona (April 2023)

Impact of Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona (March 2023)

Tellus Carefree Luxury Vacation Rental Community Economic & Fiscal Impact in Carefree, Arizona (February 2023)