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Elliott D. Pollack is CEO of Elliott D. Pollack and Company, an economic and real estate consulting firm in Scottsdale, Arizona established in 1987. The firm serves a broad range of clients in both the public and private sector ranging from law firms, utilities, banks, retailers, major service firms and real estate related companies to states, counties, Native American communities, cities and universities for both business and policy issues.  The firm maintains the most comprehensive economic database in Arizona.  

Mr. Pollack is widely sought after as a speaker for economic, policy, fiscal and economic impact, and real estate issues. He is also sought after by local, regional and national news media as an expert source of economic and real estate matters. 

Mr. Pollack has been an expert witness in litigations where detailed information was needed on the economy and/ or its real estate markets.  He has testified extensively on interest rates.

Through affiliate companies, Mr. Pollack has syndicated, master planned and brought to development numerous properties in Arizona. He is recognized for his expertise in both national and local real estate trends. 

Pollack is a consulting economist to Arizona State University and co-editor of the Arizona and Greater Phoenix Blue Chip economic forecasts published by ASU's Economic Outlook Center. 


Pollack has degrees from Boston University and the University of Southern California.  He has been a practicing economist for 45 years.  For 14 of those years Pollack was chief economist for the largest bank in the Rocky Mountain States.  For the last 29 years he has been president of an economic real estate consulting firm that bears his name.

Over the years he has examined many facets of international, national and regional economies. While at Valley National Bank, his analysis included building econometric models of the state and local economies and asset liability models of the bank itself.  He also was editor of VNB's monthly economic publications and its annual statistical review. 

Through the years he has held many professional roles including student, teacher, author, peer reviewer, consultant, expert for media and court purposes and board member.  He has taught economics and has written more than a thousand articles over the years.  Pollack's job has been to help clarify how current and future economic conditions fit into the decision process, as well as to explain how past decisions relate to the present situation. 

He has developed models of real estate value appreciation for the Phoenix area that are devoted to analyzing alternative land use strategies for property and economic feasibility. 


Arizona State University, Consulting Economist
"Arizona Blue Chip Economic Forecast", Editor
"Greater Phoenix Blue Chip Economic Forecast", Editor
Economic Estimates Commission, Member
Joint Legislative Budget Advisory Committee, Member
National Association of Business Economists, Member
Arizona Economic Round Table, Member
Institute for Investment Management, Member
Scottsdale Waterfront Board, Director
Greater Phoenix Leadership, Member 
Sun State Savings, Board Member
Resolution Trust Corporation, Advisory Board
ML Manager Board, Chairman
Founders Bank of Arizona, Board Member

Mr. Pollack has also served on the Board of Directors of numerous civic, community and cultural organizations.

Chartered Financial Analyst
American Society of Real Estate Counselors, Member
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Licensed Mortgage Broker